Biology BS

Biology has entered into an exciting new era in which phenomena that once seemed insoluble mysteries—such as embryonic development, the functions of the brain, and the dynamics of ecosystems—are now yielding their secrets as the technology to study them becomes more and more sophisticated. From molecular biology, with its potential to revolutionize medicine and agriculture, to ecology, with its lessons for the sustainable management of the environment, biologists are fully engaged in meeting the challenges of the future, helping to improve the quality of human life and to preserve habitats and biodiversity. Thus, it is no surprise that biology is at the heart of many of today’s most pressing intellectual and social concerns.

The Departments of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB) and Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology (MCDB) offer a broad spectrum of courses that reflect the exciting new developments and directions in the field of biology. An outstanding group of faculty, each with a vigorous, internationally recognized research program, is available to teach courses in their specialties as well as core courses for the major. Areas of research strength within the departments include RNA molecular biology, molecular and cellular aspects of genetics and development, neurobiology, microbial biochemistry, plant biology, animal behavior, physiology, evolution, ecology, and marine biology. Many students take advantage of the numerous opportunities for undergraduate research, allowing students to interact one on one with faculty and other researchers in a laboratory or field setting.

 Follow these steps to complete your Biology BS degree:
1.  Getting started in the major
2.  Qualify for your major
3.  Declare your major
4.  Make an academic plan
5.  Review your academic plan with an advisor
6.  Complete your major requirements
7.  Satisfy your Disciplinary Communication requirement
8.  Satisfy your Senior Exit requirement
9.  Graduate
Optional: Participate in undergraduate research and/or write a senior thesis
Optional: Receive honors in the major