Human Biology BS

The B.S. major in human biology is designed for students interested in careers in healthcare or biomedical research. Medical and professional school admissions requirements vary; students should verify that their coursework will satisfy the admissions requirements of the programs to which they plan to apply. Students are required to take introductory biology and laboratory (BIOL 20L), genetics, biochemistry, cell biology, human physiology with laboratory and one additional course directly relevant to human health. As a unique feature of this program, students must also fulfill Spanish-language and health-care internship requirements.

Follow these steps to complete your Biology BS degree:
1.  Getting started in the major
2.  Qualify for your major
3.  Declare your major
4.  Make an academic plan
5.  Review your academic plan with an advisor
6.  Complete your major requirements
7.  Satisfy your Disciplinary Communication requirement
8.  Satisfy your Senior Exit requirement
9.  Graduate
Optional: Participate in undergraduate research and/or write a senior thesis
Optional: Receive honors in the major