Spring 2014 Seminars

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Photo Journal

Sullivan laboratory research on mitosis, damaged chromosomes and their relationship to tumorigenesis—on the cover Cell, January 22, 2010The Bhalla's research group investigates chromosome structure and function during meitosis. Noller laboratory research on the ribosome featured on the cover Nature, April 3, 2008.Graduate student Giulia Ruben works in the Kamakaka lab (background photo of S. cerevisiae cells with the nuclear envelope labeled in green).Feldheim laboratory neuroscience research featured on the cover of Cell, Oct. 2, 2009 Hector Macias, Ph.D. (Hinck lab) conducts research on breast cancer (background photo of a hyperbranching organoid).Rexach laboratory research on the nuclear pore complex on the cover of Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, Oct, 2010.The Saxton's research group focuses on organelle transport and neurodegenerationRalston laboratory research was featured on the cover of Development, Feb. 2010

Prospective Graduates

Our department has a long record of outstanding interdisciplinary graduate training. We have NIH and other training grant support, fellowships and teaching assistant positions.  Students are admitted through the Program in Biomedical Sciences and Engineering, a multi-track interdisciplinary admissions program with over 45 participating faculty members and laboratories.

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Postdoc Opportunities

The department supports a vigorous postdoctoral research community, with fellows advancing to permanent positions in academia, industry and government. Inquiries about postdoctoral opportunities should be directed to individual faculty sponsors.

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Support MCD Biology

Your donation to our department helps support fundamental discovery and education of relevance to cancer, stem cell differentiation and infectious disease. Please go to "Donate Now" link below and direct your gift to the Department of Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology.  Thank you.