Department Seminars


Invited speakers are widely recognized experts in their respective fields whose research programs have broad appeal to scientists working within and across biological subdisciplines, including thesis defenses, third year talks, and special seminars. Continue>>

Prospective Graduates

Our department has a long record of outstanding interdisciplinary graduate training. We have NIH and other training grant support, fellowships and teaching assistant positions.  Students are admitted through the Program in Biomedical Sciences and Engineering, a multi-track interdisciplinary admissions program with over 45 participating faculty members and laboratories.

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Postdoc Opportunities

The department supports a vigorous postdoctoral research community, with fellows advancing to permanent positions in academia, industry and government. Inquiries about postdoctoral opportunities should be directed to individual faculty sponsors.

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Support MCD Biology

Robert Ludwig Robert Ludwig Memorial Graduate Scholarship Fund

It is with great sadness that MCD Biology shares the news of the passing of our dear colleague, Professor Robert Ludwig. Bob had a 36 year career at UCSC, notable for his unique and innovative approach to teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and for his innovative research in nitrogen metabolism and the generation of hydrogen. An "in memoriam" about Bob's career, written by Prof. Harry Noller, can be found here.

Bob and his family have made a generous gift to the campus. They have endowed the Robert Ludwig Memorial Graduate Scholarship Fund. They ask that those of you wishing to honor Bob's memory please donate to this fund in support of graduate student research.