Honors and Awards

MCD Biology faculty land new research funding

Department faculty members, Melissa Jurica, Doug Kellogg, Bill Sullivan, Al Zahler, and Bin Chen, land new funding for MCD Biology research.

Lindsay Hinck

 UC Santa Cruz Researchers Strive to Enhance Milk Production With $150,000 Zoetis Grant

 Researchers at the University of California, Santa Cruz will continue research related to mammary gland development, thanks to $150,000 in research funding from Zoetis. The award is part of the competitive Zoetis Cattle Call research grant program, which supports efforts by North American researchers and veterinarians to improve dairy and beef cattle performance.

Yi ZuoYi Zuo selected as Blavatnik National Award Finalist

This year's National Finalists in Life Sciences represent an outstanding cohort that embodies the idealism and excitement of life sciences in the United States today. Their work includes developing disruptive technologies, including optogenetics and CRISPR; revolutionizing the study of the human microbiome and immunity; advancing state-of-the-art methods to explore systems neuroscience and learning in the brain; and understanding basic molecular mechanisms to identify critical clues to cancer and human disease... (by the New York Academy of Science) [More]


Harry Noller Awarded The Aminoff Prize in Crystallography 2012

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded The Gregori Aminoff Prize to Professor Harry Noller, director of the Center for Molecular Biology of RNA at UCSC, along with Marat Yusupov and Gulnara Yusupova, for their crystallographic studies on ribosomes.

Susan Strome

Susan Strome elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

MCD Biology Professor Susan Strome is among four UCSC faculty members newly elected as fellows of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Jeremy SanfordBhalla

Sanford and Bhalla Named Ellison Medical Foundation New Scholars

The Ellison Medical Foundation has named MCD Biology Professors Jeremy Sanford and Needhi Bhalla New Scholars in Aging for 2009.

Hinrich Boeger

MCD Biologist Hinrich Boeger Named Pew Scholar

The Pew Charitable Trusts has named Hinrich Boeger a Pew Scholar in the Biomedical Sciences in 2007 for his research on the mechanisms involved in regulation of gene activity in cells.

Yi Zuo

UCSC Neuroscientist Yi Zuo Wins Sloan and Ellison Awards

In 2007, neurobiologist Yi Zuo won prestigious new scholar awards from both the Sloan and Ellison foundations in recognition of her work on mechanisms of aging in the brain.

Harry Noller

UCSC biologist Harry Noller honored by Paul Ehrlich Foundation

Harry Noller, Sinsheimer Professor of Molecular Biology, is a recipient of the 2007 Paul Ehrlich and Ludwig Darmstaedter Prize.

Melissa Jurica

Biologist Melissa Jurica Earns Prestigious Searle Scholar Award

The Searle Scholars Program has awarded Melissa Jurica, assistant professor of molecular, cell, and developmental biology, a three-year, $240,000 grant to support her research.

Manuel Ares, Jr.

Ares Selected as a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor

UC Santa Cruz professor Manuel Ares was awarded a $1 million grant for his innovative approach to undergraduate science education.