MCD Biology Seminars

The Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology Department seminar series (BIOL 291 & BIOL 292) occurs every Monday and Friday of the academic year 12:00-1:05 PM in Natural Sciences Annex 101

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Spring 2020

Seminar listings
May 11

Laura Chappell, Sullivan Lab, Third Year Talk

Targeting Wolbachia as an approach to combat Filarial Disease

Zoom Session 12-1pm

May 15

Nick Forino, Stone Lab, Third Year Talk

Telomerase: Some Assembly Required

Zoom Session 12-1pm

May 18

Tyler DeWitt, Kellogg Lab, Third Year Talk

Size matters: understanding cell size defects in cancer

Zoom Session 12-1pm

May 22

Sadaf Abed, Feldheim Lab, Third Year Talk

Exploring the role that Tbr2 plays in non-image-forming retinal ganglion cells

Zoom Session 12-1pm

May 25 

 No Seminar - Memorial Day

May 27

Haley Halasz, Carpenter Lab, Third Year Talk

Discovering novel non-coding regulators of inflammation

Zoom Session 12-1pm

May 29

Hannah Vicars, Sullivan Lab, Third Year Talk

A back-up mechanism to ensure chromosome separation

Zoom Session 12-1pm

June 1

Xiaoyi (Sherry) Liang, Chen Lab, Third Year Talk

Lineage progression of embryonic neural stem cells regulated by SHH signaling pathway and Pax6

Zoom Session 12-1pm


June 11

Jenny Vo, Ares Lab, MS Defense Seminar

Using polyinosine tailing to capture RNA 3’ ends by direct-RNA nanopore sequencing

Zoom Session, 2-3pm


June 12

Hold - Potential guest seminar

Anyone needing special arrangements to accommodate a disability should call 831-459-4986 two weeks prior to the seminar they wish to attend.