Postdoctoral Position Openings

Postdoctoral fellow Xinzhu Yu conducts neuroscience research in the Zuo lab.

There are twenty-five active research labs in the Department of Molecular, Cell and  Developmental Biology. There are currently openings for postdoctoral researchers in the following labs:

Lab Research Project Start Date Contact Posted
Noller lab Biochemist or biophysicist: structural changes in the ribosome during protein synthesis in real time, using FRET and/or low-angle x-ray scattering approaches Spring 2016 Harry Noller 12/8/15
Noller lab Macromolecular crystallographer: structures of trapped functional complexes of ribosomes Spring 2016 Harry Noller 12/8/15
Wang lab

(1) Cell-cell interactions in prostate development
(2) Circulating tumor cells in prostate cancer

ASAP Zhu Wang

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