Susan Strome elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

April 19, 2010

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Susan Strome
Professor Susan Strome is among four UCSC faculty members newly elected as fellows of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Professor Susan Strome is among the newly elected fellows of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. She is among 20 other current UCSC faculty members who are fellows of the academy, one of the nation's oldest and most prestigious honorary societies. Professor Strome is a developmental biologist whose research focuses on germ cells, the cells that give rise to eggs and sperm. Germ cells have special properties: their immortality allows them to be perpetuated from generation to generation, and their "totipotency" allows them to generate all of the diverse cell types of the body in each generation. Strome's laboratory uses a tiny worm (C. elegans) to study the molecular mechanisms that regulate germ cell development. She has had continuous funding for her research from the National Institutes of Health and additional funding from the American Cancer Society, National Science Foundation, and Guggenheim Foundation. She joined the UCSC MCD Biology faculty in 2007.