Department Seminars


Invited speakers are widely recognized experts in their respective fields whose research programs have broad appeal to scientists working within and across biological subdisciplines, including thesis defenses, third year talks, and special seminars. Continue>>

Prospective Graduates

Our department has a long record of outstanding interdisciplinary graduate training. We have NIH and other training grant support, fellowships and teaching assistant positions.  Students are admitted through the Program in Biomedical Sciences and Engineering, a multi-track interdisciplinary admissions program with over 67 participating faculty members and laboratories.

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Open Academic Positions

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The department supports a vigorous postdoctoral research community, with fellows advancing to permanent positions in academia, industry, and government. Please use the link above to browse current postdoc positions. Inquiries about additional postdoc opportunities should be directed to individual faculty sponsors.

Support MCD Biology

Private investment is crucial to advance the science of medicine at UC Santa Cruz. Faculty and students in the Department of Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology are exploring the molecular foundations of human disease and translating basic discoveries into medical advances. Your support can further key areas such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, stem cells, genomics, neuroscience, immunity and inflammation, and neglected tropical diseases.