Resources for Current Graduates

Please see below for quick links and descriptions of campus resources and offices available to all graduate students. Please contact the Graduate Program Coordinator if any resources should be added to this list.

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Description of Resources/Offices and Contact Info:

Disability Resource Center (DRC):

We exist to assist the UCSC campus with equal educational access for students with disabilities. Our goals are to support retention and graduation of students with disabilities, promote a non-discriminatory campus environment and encourage student development and independence.
Location: Hahn Student Services Building
Phone: (831) 459-2089


Graduate Student Commons (GSC):

The GSC aims to provide a comfortable and welcoming space for graduate students and to foster a sense of community among graduate students. The GSC promotes graduate student academic well-being, success, and camaraderie. The GSC offers a variety of spaces, including small study rooms, computer terminals, and a lounge for social interaction.
Location: Quarry Plaza, above Cafe Ivéta
Phone: 831-459-1557


Graduate Student Association (GSA):

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) serves the interests of over 1,500 graduate students at UCSC by representing graduate concerns to faculty, administration, and staff, and to UC wide administrators. We defend the interests of graduate students with regard to tuition and fees, health insurance, parking, on campus housing, childcare, underrepresented students, international students, and any other graduate issues. The GSA also organizes and co-sponsors events that benefit grads, and makes available travel grants for graduate students attending conferences or traveling on thesis-related research.


Ethnic Resource Centers:

Each of the resource centers offer students various services through academic, cultural and community support activities. Throughout the year, the RCs host programs and events that connect students, staff, faculty, and community members in both social and professional, academic settings.
-African American Resource and Cultural Center
-American Indian Resource Center
-Asian American/Pacific Islander Resource Center
-Chicanx/Latinx Resource Center (El Centro)
Location: 3rd Floor of the Baytree Bookstore
Phone: (831) 459-2427


Lionel Cantú Queer Resource Center:

The Lionel Cantu Queer Resource Center is the nexus of support and advocacy for the LGBTQIA+ community at the University of California, Santa Cruz. We create co-curricular experiences with students, staff and faculty to build a more inclusive campus community for queer and trans people.
Location: Merrill College
Phone: (831) 459-246


Women’s Center:

The UCSC Women’s Center affirms the dignity and diversity of all women. The center continues and challenges feminist traditions by creating community space for all women and their allies to achieve individual and social change.
Location: Cardiff House (base of campus)
Phone: (831) 459-2072


Report Hate:

The University of California, Santa Cruz is a community which requires the free and open exchange of ideas and the widest possible range of opportunity in the pursuit of knowledge in order to thrive. We are committed to maintaining an objective, civil, diverse and supportive community, free of coercion, hate, intimidation, dehumanization or exploitation. The campus is dedicated to the promotion and protection of an environment that values and supports every person in an atmosphere of honesty, cooperation, professionalism and fairness as reflected in our UCSC Principles of Community.
Report hate/bias form:


Title IX Office: The Title IX Office is committed to fostering a campus climate in which members of our community are protected from all forms of sex discrimination, including sexual harassment, sexual violence, and gender-based harassment and discrimination. Title IX is a neutral office committed to safety, fairness, trauma-informed practices, and due process.
Location: Kerr Hall Room 105
Phone: (831) 459-2462
Email: (Isabel Dees, Title IX Director)


Campus Advocacy Resources and Education (CARE):

The CARE program provides support, advocacy, resources and violence prevention education to the UC Santa Cruz community. We respond to the needs of students, staff, faculty and non-affiliates impacted by stalking, dating/domestic violence and sexual assault by providing free and confidential services.
Location: Oakes Administration Building, Room 221
Phone: (831) 502-2273


Office for Diversity Equity and Inclusion (ODEI):

The Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion advances the University’s teaching, research and service mission and commitment to excellence by working collaboratively with others throughout the institution to promote a campus climate that values diversity, equity and inclusion, and is free of bias and harassment.
Phone: 831-459-1590
Location: Kerr Hall 114


Campus Conflict Resolution:

This office will provide professional consultation, mediation and training to members of the UCSC community. Its emphasis is on prevention, effective management, and informal resolution of conflict at all levels. All services are free, voluntary, and confidential.
Location: Kerr Hall, 107
Phone: 831-459-2290
Email: (Nancy Heischman)


Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS):

CAPS provides UCSC students with a wide range of mental health and wellness services, preventative outreach and consultation services to the UCSC community. Counseling services are available for any registered UCSC student and are confidential. There is no out-of-pocket fee for CAPS services, and you don't need UC SHIP or CruzCare to be seen at CAPS.
Location: Cowell Student Health Center, East Wing, 2nd floor
Phone: (831) 459-2628


Student Health Outreach and Promotion (SHOP):

Student Health Outreach & Promotion (SHOP) supports the mission of Student Health Services by fostering healthier lifestyle choices to reduce health risk factors, improve overall wellness and maintain a productive, active and successful student body.
Location: Cowell Student Health Center
Phone: 831-459-3772


Center of Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL):

CITL supports all who teach at UC Santa Cruz to create effective and inclusive learning environments with the tools available to us now. These tools include a primary commitment to equity and accessibility so that every student can thrive; teaching practices based in the most innovative research on effective teaching and learning in higher education; and a wide range of educational technologies that can enhance student learning in the classroom and beyond. By providing professional development opportunities, sharing teaching resources, and building teaching and learning communities, the CITL aims to support a vibrant culture of teaching and learning at UC Santa Cruz.
Location: McHenry Library 1330A
Phone: (831) 459–1694


Writing Resources for Grads:

This website offers a quick guide to resources and tools to help graduate students become more effective scholars. There are links for free online tools, how-to guides, and editing and style resources that address a wide range of skills needed for graduate school.


Dean of Students Office:

The UCSC Slug Support Program was created to promote early intervention with students to prevent culminating problems from escalating into a crisis. The goal of the Slug Support Program is to identify students of concern and develop an action plan focusing on retention through provision of support and resources.
Location: Hahn Student Services Building
Phone: 831-459-4446


Career Center:

We offer confidential coaching services to help you learn more about your career goals, plan for the future, and apply for jobs. It doesn't matter where you are in your program. We're here to help, no matter where you are with career exploration and the job application process.
Location: Third floor of the Baytree Bookstore
Phone: (831) 459-4420