Email & Phone

The UCSC Email system is powered by Google. Your personal email address will be automatically assigned to you. Your CruzID will be your email address. For example:

Employee Name: Carrie Niblett

Cruz ID: cniblett

Therefore, the email address is:

Login to Campus Email

Login with your full UCSC email address as the username and Blue password. ITS recommends that you always access Google via a secure web browser such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.
Trouble accessing email?
Click "Forgot Your Password' on the CruzID Manager website.

Telephone Services

The MCD Biology Department will provide you with a telephone. This telephone is set-up with voicemail. To access your voicemail for the first time, simply dial: 9-3000. You should get a prompt saying to 'please enter your security code.' The default password is 0000. For more details about setting up your voicemail, please visit the ITS website.

Making Phone Calls: On-Campus

For campus calls, you can simply dial the extension, not the entire number.

• For example, to contact Carrie Niblett at 831-459-4986, simply dial 9-4986.

• If someone has a '502' number such as 831-502-1234, simply dial 2-1234.

Making Phone Calls: Off-Campus

• For local (area code 831) calls, dial '6', then the 'phone number'. For example: 6-831-555-1234.

• For long distance calls, dial '6', then '1', then the 'area code' then the 'phone number'. For example: 6-1-805-555-1234.