Mail Services

The MCD Biology Department Mailroom

  • Located in the entry way to the department office (Sinsheimer 225).
  • A mailbox will be created for you.
  • The department office is stocked with envelopes and mailing labels for your use.
  • Mail bags are hanging in this room for outgoing mail. For intercampus mail, please use the red bag. For USPS mail, please use the blue bag. There are labels on each for your reference. 
  • The mail is delivered and picked up between 10:30am-11:30am, Monday-Friday.
*Please note: during the campus closure due to COVID-19, mail is only picked up once a week. 

The Department mailing address is:

University of California Santa Cruz
MCD Biology Department
1156 High Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

The Department 'mailstop' is: MCD Biology

The Department's mailcode is: 34-259

  • Use this code if you need to send a letter or package that is research related
  • This code is used as postage payment, as well as for sending/receiving FedEx/UPS packages
  • See example below on addressing an envelope using the mailcode

Sending/Receiving FedEx/UPS

Please contact UCSC mail services at 831-459-2764. They can assist you. They will ask you for a mail code (34-259) and will provide you with the campus FedEx account number.

Receiving Chemicals, Samples, or Large Equipment

These items will be delivered straight to your lab by our PBSci Stockroom. For questions, please contact the Stockroom Manager at 831-459-2785.

Personal mail

The use of the department's mail services for personal use is prohibited. There is a self service Postal Kiosk located on the first floor of the Bay Tree Bookstore. You can send out letters and packages, and buy postage. Mail is picked up daily, Monday through Friday at 1pm.

Campus Mail Services vs. PBSci Receiving & Delivery (Stockroom)

Campus mail services receives/delivers USPS mail to all campus units. They deliver to department mailrooms only.

The PBSci Stockroom is specific to our Division. All FedEx and UPS packages are delivered to the Stockroom. Stockroom employees sort and deliver these packages straight to offices and labs.