Transfer Orientation

  Welcome slugs! 

We're so excited to be able to help you with orienting you to the MCD Biology majors this year so that you can plan your time at UCSC and graduate in two years! 

Be sure to check your UCSC email regularly from where we will be sending information over the summer about:

  1. Introduction to the Molecular, Cell and Developmental (MCD) Biology modules will be sent to you on/around July 19th, 2024. These modules will cover all the information you need prior to enrolling for your first quarter as well as tips on how to thrive as a Biology BS, MCD Biology, Human Biology/Global and Community Health BS or Neuroscience major. *Please note that the MCD modules do not replace SLUG Orientation, but provide additional support for our majors!*
  2. Specific course recommendations for Fall 2024 before your enrollment appointment, so no need to stress! Note that we are saving space for transfer students in specific courses that will only be available on your enrollment dates.

Welcome to UCSC and we look forward to meeting you in the fall!