MCDB Enrollment Guide for Fall 2022!

Updated 9/21/2022


Below is helpful information about enrolling in classes for Fall 2022 quarter!

If you have concerns about housing insecurity, please contact Slug Support. If you are having trouble finding housing, please contact the UCSC Housing Office.

Regarding enrollment, remember to prioritize your major and/or qualification courses during your first pass enrollment and add GE’s during second pass. Waitlists can only be joined during SECOND pass. Here are some helpful Enrollment FAQ’s from the Registrar’s Office.

Table of Contents:

Enrollment Support Resources (where to get help when you need HELP Enrolling):

  • Office Of The Registrar: for “everything you ever wanted to know about enrollment”: Basic registration/enrollment information, Minimum/Maximum credit limits, information about the “Two-Pass Enrollment” appointment schedule, etc.
  • Enrollment Workshops (see the calendar on the MCD Biology Undergraduate Advising webpage) presented by the MCD Biology Peer Advisers
    1. Tuesday, May 17th, 2022 - 11:00am
    2. Wednesday, May 18th, 2022 - 1:00pm
    3. Thursday, May 19th, 2022 - 2:30pm


Neuroscience Majors:

A reminder that BIOL 126 is only offered in SPRING QUARTER for the 2022-2023 academic year.

Students following the new Neuroscience BS major plan ONLY: BIOL 129L (the new upper division 5-units lab) will count towards fulfilling the Senior Exit/DC Lab requirement. Note that BIOL 129L has a prerequisite of PHYS 6C - be sure to plan your schedule accordingly.


Human Biology Majors:

If you are currently enrolled in or have already completed BIOL 101, note that BIOL 110 is only offered in the Fall and Spring quarter for the 22-23 AY. Please plan your schedule accordingly as BIOL 110 is a prerequisite for BIOL 130/L. 

If you are not currently enrolled in BIOL 101, please plan to take it this summer so that you can enroll in BIOL 110 in fall and BIOL 130/L in winter or spring.

UPDATE (9/21/2022): BIOL 110 WILL BE offered during the Winter 2023 quarter. Please see the Curriculum Plan 2022-2023 webpage for updated information (NOTE: Course offerings for the 2022-23 academic year are subject to change). 


MCD Biology Majors:

BIOL 104L is only required for MCD Biology BS FROSH admitted Fall 2021 and won’t be offered in 2022-23 academic year.

What Should I Enroll In?

Please visit the 2022-23 BIOL Curriculum Plan which has all the courses the MCD Biology Department is planning to offer next year. Note that each department has their own curriculum plan, so if you are looking for a BIOE course, you will need to check their website. The curriculum plans will allow you to put together a plan for the 2022-23 school year. Note that while we do our best to ensure the accuracy of our plan, things happen and therefore it is subject to change.

Try to follow sample plans on our Academic Planning page as best you can and email us at if you have any questions.

Note that (as of May 9th, 2022):

  • BIOL 100 will not be offered in the fall 
  • BIOl 101 and BIOL 110 will not be offered in winter 

Plan your schedules accordingly! Be sure to always check course prerequisites and read the course description in the Catalog.

Though the BIOC 100 series (BIOC 100A, BIOC 100B, and BIOC 100C) is an option to meet the core course requirements of BIOL 100 and BIOL 101, the MCD Biology department strongly recommends all MCD Biology sponsored majors complete BIOL 100 and BIOL 101 as they are our upper division core courses and are courses offered by our department. If you have already started and/or completed the BIOC series, be sure you check the prerequisites for courses in the Catalog or course description.

What to do if a class you need/want is full or closed?


Always prioritize qualification courses and core four (BIOL 100, 101, 105 and 110) courses during first pass enrollment. We usually hold a significant number of seats in courses until after second pass enrollment (This is especially true for the DC Lab courses offered in fall - BIOL 109L, BIOL 115L and BIOL 186L) so don’t assume that a class is full or closed just because it has a waitlist.

The ONLY WAY to request a seat in a course that is full (or has “0” enrollment) is to get on a waitlist during second pass. A spot on the waitlist does not guarantee a spot in the class, so make sure you have a back up plan. Permission codes will not be issued. 


If you are not able to enroll or waitlist during your enrollment appointments 

It may be because:

  1. You are missing a prerequisite
  2. You have an enrollment hold (check your portal for details)
  3. You have exceeded the number of units you are allowed to enroll in or waitlist

If you are in the Santa Cruz area during Summer, check out the Summer Session website and course offerings (be sure to change the search term to Summer 2022) - MCD Biology is offering several upper division courses this summer.

If you were unable to add a class from your portal, you can complete the Enrollment Request Sign In Sheet for Fall 2022 on the first day of class: Thursday, September 15th, 2022 at 8am!

The reason we are waiting until the first day of class to open the form is because many enrollment problems/challenges that students are encountering right now will be resolved well in advance of the first day of class or they may decide that they are no longer interested in taking the class.


What to do if you do not have a prerequisite for a class?

MCD Biology Undergraduate Advisors cannot waive prerequisites for BIOL courses, and they cannot provide permission codes to override prerequisites. This is because the MCDB department faculty and curriculum committee have determined that it is a department policy to NOT waive pre-reqs. If you do not have the prereqs for a course you want to enroll in you can complete the Enrollment Request Sign In Sheet when it opens on Thursday, September 15th, 2022 at 8:00am!


Need a second or third class? 

Watch for a list of Best Bets (remember, you must be logged into your UCSC email to access this document) from College Advising which include lower-division, general education courses. Most of the courses included do not have prerequisites or enrollment restrictions and are considered classes appropriate for a wide audience. Introductory language classes are also included.


Need to make a plan for yourself? 

Visit our MCD Planning Page where you will find blank plans, sample plans, and checklists for your majors.


Upper Div Senior Labs Offered in Fall

All senior exit / DC labs are “closed” and will show “0 of XX Enrollment” during First Pass - be sure you add yourself to the waitlist for the class during Second Pass.

Due to limited space, 4th and 5th year seniors will be prioritized for enrollment in Senior Exit/DC Lab courses. 

If you have already met the requirement for your senior lab / DC, PLEASE do not enroll in another one! 

Biology BS majors: Please utilize the option of choosing the shaded electives on your checklist to meet the senior exit and DC requirements.

Human Biology BS majors: Please remember your Senior Exit/DC Lab requirement will be met with completion of BIOL 130L and BIOL 189W with C or better grades. 

BIOL 109L Yeast Molecular Genetics Laboratory

Will meet the upper division lab requirement for Biology BS, MCD Biology BS, and old Neuroscience BS majors only. Enrollment is by application only. Check the Schedule of Classes for details Capacity of 20.


BIOL 115L Eukaryotic Molecular Biology Laboratory

Will meet the upper division lab requirement for Biology BS, MCD Biology BS, and old Neuroscience BS majors only. Check the Schedule of Classes for details. Capacity of 16.


BIOL 186L Undergraduate Research in MCD Biology

Will meet the upper division lab requirement for Biology BS, MCD Biology BS, and old Neuroscience BS majors only. Enrollment is by application only - please see the MCD Biology Undergraduate Research website for the application. Check the Schedule of Classes for course details (time and location). Capacity of 25.


METX 119L General Microbiology Lab 

Satisfies the DC and Senior Lab requirements for the MCD Biology BS major ONLY. METX 100 or 119 is the pre/corequisite. Capacity of 40.

New Ways to Connect for Pre-Health Students

The wonderful Pre-Health coach at the Career Center has started a newsletter to keep you informed about opportunities and events to help UCSC students and alumni prepare for health professional schools.  Click here to subscribe to this newsletter.


IMPORTANT MCDB POLICIES (consult the catalog for details)

  • Letter Grade Policy: All major requirements require a letter grade. P Grades will not be accepted to satisfy major specific requirements. Only in Spring 2020 were students permitted to fulfill a major requirement with a P grade.


  • Major Policy Reminder: Effective Fall 2019, all MCD Biology-sponsored majors must complete BIOL 20A and all of the Core 4 courses (BIOL 100, 105, 101 and 110) at UCSC. Which means that frosh who began attending UCSC in fall 2019 and onward, will need to remember that the above classes cannot be taken outside of UCSC. An Exception to Policy form can be submitted to ask permission to take a core course outside UCSC, but approval is not guaranteed.


  • C- grades CANNOT be used to satisfy a major requirement and cannot satisfy a prerequisite for another course. You must repeat a course if you receive a C- grade for major or pre-requisite credit. Only grades of “C” (2.0) or better will fulfill major requirements.

We will be here all summer, so if you have questions, please let us know!

Best wishes for a wonderful Fall Quarter,


Leanna, Dianne, Ali, and Christine 

Academic Advising

Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology Department

University of California Santa Cruz, CA 95064