Senior Thesis

Undergraduate Research:  Senior Thesis

Completion of a senior thesis is not a requirement for students in the biological sciences majors. It is an option for highly motivated students interested in graduate school and research careers. Completion of a thesis is generally a year long commitment.

Step by step guide to completing a thesis:

1.  Find a faculty member willing to sponsor you. You will generally begin work on your thesis by enrolling in one of the undergraduate research courses.

2.  Write your research proposal with guidance from your faculty sponsor.

3. Complete the Request to Approve Senior Thesis Topic 

4.  If approved, continue to work with your faculty member. Your faculty member will guide your research, data analysis and content, as well as the write up of your thesis.

5.  Submit your finished thesis electronically to biology advising along with the Thesis Submission Form by the end of the seventh week of the quarter you intend to graduate.

Honors in the Senior Thesis

If your faculty sponsor feels your thesis is worthy of honors, they will select a fellow faculty member to review the thesis and determine that honors are warranted. Once the second reader has concurred you will receive honors in the senior thesis.