MCD Biology Undergraduate Advisor Drop-in

MCD Biology Staff Advisors will be holding individual drop-in hours weekly - you do NOT need to meet with your assigned advisor. Drop-in advising is normally limited to a maximum of 15 minutes as this is a space for quick, mostly general questions.

Drop-in advising for the Fall 2022 Quarter will be virtual. You will be placed into a virtual/Zoom waiting room until the Host/Adviser invites you in. 

Please use the MCD Biology Drop-in advising for:

  • Quick questions about MCD courses 
  • Questions about Major Qualification Criteria
  • MCDB Appeals Process
  • Questions about Petitions such as:
    • Course Repeat Petitions
    • Exceptions to Policy
  • General Questions or referrals to Campus Resources

Please note - if your question is best suited for your assigned Advisor, you may be redirected during Drop-in to schedule an appointment or to email your questions to your advisor (See MCD Biology Undergraduate Advising Email for how to email your assigned advisor).  

Group Drop-in advising will be available during "busy advising" times - i.e. Advising Week, Enrollment Week, and the first week of the quarter. During these "busy advising" times, individual drop-in and appointments will not be availalbe.

Please see the calendar below for MCD Biology Undergraduate Adviser drop-in times: