How to Contact MCD Biology Advising

NOTE: There are no appointments scheduled during Summer and the first 2 weeks of the Fall 2022 quarter. Appointments will become available in early October. Please see drop-in advising calendar.


MCD Biology Undergraduate Advising is implementing a Caseload based advising approach starting the Fall 2022 quarter - this means each MCDB Advisor is assigned to meet with students from a specific College. This is to promote Student/Advisor relationships. Each MCDB Advisor is assigned to 3 or 4 Colleges.

Though we are assigning our advisors to work with a specific College, please note the differences in Advising options:


Which Advising Option is Best for You?

MCD Biology Peer Advising

For all MCD Biology Peer Advising, you do not need to meet with a specific Advisor or Peer Advisor.

Please use Peer Advising Drop-in for:

  • Academic Planning
  • Questions about Major Qualification Criteria
  • Enrollment Troubleshooting
  • Referrals to Campus Resources


Peer Advising Workshops- we plan to offer workshops each quarter regarding:

  • Academic Planning
  • MCD Biology Qualification Requirements
  • Enrollment and Course Search
  • Graduation
  • and more!

Please see the MCD Biology Peer Advising calendar on the MCD Biology Peer Advising page for Peer Advising Drop-in and Workshops


MCD Biology Undergraduate Advisor Drop-In

MCD Biology Staff Advisors will be holding individual drop-in hours weekly - you do NOT need to meet with your assigned advisor. Drop-in advising is normally limited to a maximum of 15 minutes as this is a space for quick, mostly general questions.

Drop-in advising for the Fall 2022 Quarter will be virtual. You will be placed into a virtual/Zoom waiting room until the Host/Advisor invites you in.

Please use the MCD Biology Drop-in advising for:

  • Quick questions about MCD courses
  • Questions about Major Qualification Criteria
  • MCDB Appeals Process
  • Questions about Petitions such as:
    • Course Repeat Petitions
    • Exceptions to Policy
  • General Questions or referrals to Campus Resources

Please note - if your question is best suited for your assigned Advisor, you may be redirected during Drop-in to schedule an appointment or to email your questions to your advisor (See below for how to email your assigned advisor).

Group Drop-in advising will be available during "busy advising" times - i.e. Advising Week, Enrollment Week, and the first week of the quarter. During these "busy advising" times, individual drop-in and appointments will not be availalbe.

Please see the calendar on the MCD Biology Undergraduate Advisor Drop-in page for the MCD Biology Undergraduate Advisor drop-in times



MCD Biology Undergraduate Advisor Appointments

NOTE: There are no appointments scheduled during Summer. Please see drop-in advising calendar.

Appointments are one-on-one advising appointments (usually about 30 minutes) with an MCD Biology Advisor to go more in-depth regarding your academic record. You should only be meeting with your assigned advisor.

All MCDB Advising Appointments are scheduled through Slug Success in advance, you will then be provided with a Zoom link in your appointment confirmation and reminder messages from Sluc Success. Follow the Zoom link at the time of the appointment, you will be placed in a virtual waiting room until the Host invites you in.

NOTE: If you are in Slug Success and do not see MCD/MCD Advising on the list of offices you can schedule an appointment with, this means our appointments are full - We open our appointments 2 weeks in advance.

Please see the MCD Biology Undergraduate Advisor Appointments page to access the Slug Success Scheduling links.


MCD Biology Undergraduate Advising Email

Please continue to email us at using your UCSC email address; please be sure to include your Student ID number in your email.

Please use email for:

  • General questions
  • Progress/Graduation Checks (remaining major requirements)
  • Getting forms signed

To be sure your email is sent to your assigned adviser, be sure you put you College in the subject line (see example below):


If you are in John R. Lewis College and have questions about the Curriculum Plan, your subject line should show as:

Subject: John R. Lewis College - Questions on Curriculum Plan


NOTE: If you do not put your College in the subject line, a response to your email may be delayed (5-7 business days) as we will need to first find your College, then route it to your assigned advisor.